Hello, Habsays! I'd like to wish you a fun time in our habbo retro! I hope you're injoying it so far, because apart from a few hiccups, the staff definitely are too! :) This habbo retro is designed to be a safe environment for you to play in, so if you feel it is not safe, for whatever reason, be sure to email us on habsayhotel@gmail.com. We've noticed habsay is starting to drop off a little bit. We're going through some advanced measures within the staff team to ensure that habsay is fun & active for you all, but we do need you to help us a little bit! First off, I'll share some ways of speading the word about habsay :) Be sure to read this, because it'll help us greatly! Read the following: Twitter Post screenshots from habsay, eg rooms, events, even your cool avatars! Note to use hashtags such as #Habsay #HabsayDotNet #HabsayHotel, and post the website so people find us! Facebook Again, post screenshots, use hashtags, but you should engage with other habsays! Add them on facebook, share each others habsay posts, and post to the habsay facebook itself! Link: HERE Youtube Making Youtube videos of yourself or friends building rooms will get the word out about the hotel! Be sure to use the same tags as specified above. Advertising Yes.. Good old advertising is probably THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to advertise! There is a tutorial HERE. There are extra rewards for this method on the advertising page! :) Message Friends

Message your friends something like "Hey, come play habsay.net, best habbo retro! It's super fun :)"! I'm sure they would be more than happy to join! Now that you've got all that, we'll talk about the juicey part ;).. REWARDS! We will discuss rewards with you after we've seen proof (screenshot, etc) in the comments that you are speading the word. Once we've seen your comment, we'll contact you in-game or by email. Rewards may be, but are not limited to: a rare, a diamond, store credit, who knows!

Daily Events

The events within habsay are hosted by our staff team. They are an interactive experience between the users and the moderators - and you win some goodies along the way! After joining habsay, this would be one of the first things to do!

User Friendly

Not only is our user interface designed to be easy to use, but the staff & users will always be happy to help you out! There may be a lot to learn, but it's certainly worth it in the long run!

Build anything

With over 7,000 furniture items in the catalog, you can literally build any room the comes to your mind, Habsay is a multiplayer sandbox! Hang with your mates in the home of your dreams!

Security features

At habsay, security is key. We beleive that your security is extremely important, so we run on HTTPS, and have an email reset feature to change your password in the case your account is compromised.